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WMMC/wvmc REntals

Our stores offer a very user friendly instrument rental program. It is available for band and orchestra instruments. You pay a monthly rental payment, based on four tiers determined by the instrument type.  



Tier A - $29.99 per month

(flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, bell kit, violin, viola)

Tier B -  $42.99 per month 

( alto sax, oboe, cello, snare kit) 


Tier C  - $69.99 per month

(French horn, tenor sax, bari sax, baritone/euphonium, bass clarinet, piccolo, string bass)

Tier I - $99.99 per month.

( all intermediate level instruments)


Every time a monthly payment is made it is deducted in full value off the tag price of the instrument. This program allows you to buy the instrument at any time - paying only the balance due.  As additional incentive, you also get a 20% of the balance due when you decide to purchase the instrument outright! You may also switch instruments and the money paid up to that time will stay in your account and apply to the new instrument. So the program truly serves as a rent to own as well as rental program. Only high quality name brand instruments like Selmer, Conn, Bach, Jupiter, Blessing, Jupiter, Gemeinhardt, Buffet, and Knilling are rented out – ensuring you or your child has a great instrument to play

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In addition to the "In-House" rental program, WMMC/WVMC is also a licensed Music and Arts affiliate. M&A offers a great selection of beginner instruments for children and adults alike! Please click the link for more details about the Music and Arts rental program including frequently asked questions!

Store Quick codes - Cumberland location: S1067, Morgantown location S3010.

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