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Not everything works for everyone and we here at WMMC/WVMC understand that! That is why we have an easy and quick return policy! Check it out!

All returns must be made WITHIN 7 DAYS and MUST HAVE ORIGINAL RECEIPT.

Terms of Return are as follows:.

1: Electronics are NON-REFUNDABLE. This includes Effect Pedals, Cables, Microphones, Headphones, Audio Interfaces Amplifiers, Speakers, and all other electronic devices unless stated otherwise. All electronics are sold as new unless otherwise marked, and we will honor all warranties in place by any manufacturer on defective products with proof of defect.

2. Instruments can only be returned in ORIGINAL CONDITION with NO MODIFICATION OR DAMAGE. There will be a 20% restocking fee on any returned instrument. All instruments are sold brand new unless marked otherwise and are all within their respective manufacturer’s warranty period.

3. In accordance with US Copyright law, PRINT & SHEET MUSIC is NON-REFUNDABLE. In the case of student books, a one-time exchange with receipt can be made if the wrong book or wrong level of book is purchased and the book is in original condition.

4. Instrument reeds, strings, and maintenance products may be returned in UNOPENED PACKAGING ONLY. Drumheads may be returned in original condition with no dents, scuffs, or any other damage or usage marks. Marching shoes must be returned without scuffs, odor, or damage.


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